Education is an enlightening experience achieved by exploring the skills and abilities of an individual through proper knowledge. But, the education we receive today is just a system established ages ago where its methods change but never the system. Knowing the essence of real education, we believe in an education that focuses on developing skills such as technical and critical skills rather than rewinding the existing. Tinkering Lab is the future of education that creates a necessary change in our existing education system.

We envision solving the technology unemployment due to fourth industrial revolution by means of education and entrepreneurship. We dream to hand-hold the future of India.
We are on a mission to create 600000 entrepreneurs and 300 million students of STEM education in India


Markets, opportunities, technologies, processesare all undergoing revolutionary changes. In this scenario, to do well, one needs to jump ahead of the competition –in terms of learning and innovating. People and companies have to innovate as per future needs and devise new and better products, processes, and services. But a big challenge is building innovative companies to develop & organize innovation and deliver fruits of organized innovation to the market in time. Having few excellent innovators in the company does not guarantee success to a company.

In 2005, a team of professors, ex-students, professionals and technocrats incorporated a Company “M/s Collcraft Technologies Pvt Ltd”. The company was incubated at SINE (Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship), Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. SINE administered a business incubator that provided support for technology – based entrepreneurship. Department of Science and Technology, Government of India recognized and administered research grants to this Company.
Later in 2008, SEEDFUND invested into this company. Company started silently working on related challenges envisaged. They understood that one of the associated challenges comes in the form of varied cognitive abilities of team. In a team, everyone is blessed with a wide variety of different orders of cognitive, logical and analytical abilities. A single and standard method of learning is not efficient and effective at a large team level.

There are several aspects in organizing innovation and building futuristic innovative companies across its team members. ·Recognising need for innovation – developing innovation agenda by fore-reading market trends and requirements ·Continuous learning across team – technology, skill, processes, experiments/trials, products, field applications ·Promoting “smart ideation” and idea nurturing – idea creation, idea debates, idea development, linking multiple ideas; experiments, prototype development/process trials, tests and benchmarks ·Building organization-wide innovation culture – training, forums, discussion boards to debate and involve organization in idea refinement and acceptance ·Inter-organizational networking to promote interaction, consolidation of organizational learning and path Company built innumerable collaterals, processes and systems.

Over a period of time, they also built an Innovation Platform that will connect People and Ideas to bring the power of collective intelligence to the enterprise and in turn turbo charge the rate of innovation. The underlying premise is social communities inside companies will form and thrive in the context of information sharing, ideation, and knowledge discovery. Platformwould integrate concepts of collective/intelligent information collection & tagging with those of social networking to provide a solution that supports the entire life-cycle of an idea getting converted into a useful innovation